Argentina fest: National party of the Longest Night in Ushuaia

National party of the Longest Night in Ushuaia

The Municipality of Ushuaia, Argentina invites to participate of the fest that take place from the 5 to June 14, 2015 in the frame of the National Party of the Night Longer edition 2015, with diverse activities.

Ushuaia city, Argentina photo

Photo: Ushuaia city -Argentina

The Municipality of Ushuaia has organized surprises and shows for the whole community and for the tourism in general that arrives until the most southern city in the country, in this edition of the National Party of the Longest Night that marks the beginning of the winter season.

Although previously this natural event was already celebrated, newly in the year 1986 the party passed to call himself “national party” and from then on it is celebrated during several days with diverse artistic, cultural and festival shows.

For the natives towns , it was to recognize the beginning of the stations of the year in benefit of the activities related with the agriculture and the hunt, to know when they should sow, to harvest or to hunt.

The fest of this year, like we mentioned, they have already begun and it was carried out the Election of the Queen of the Longest Night on Friday June 5 in the House of the Culture. Julieta Santamaría, 18 years old, was the elect as new Queen of the National Party, as Primera princess it was elected Evelyn Mariel Sánchez, and as Second princess María Nativity Seia Barcos. It was also carried out the Night of Rock, with the presentation of numerous local bands.

ushuaia port, tierra del fuego, argentina photo

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