Buenos aires neighborhood guide, best barrios for restaurants

Outstanding gastronomic areas of the City of Buenos Aires

We present you next the corridors and more outstanding gastronomic areas of the City of Buenos Aires:

Palermo: a part of the extensive neighborhood of Palermo has become the most active gastronomic pole in the City of Buenos Aires. What today calls himself Palermo Hollywood, defined by the Av.Juan B. Justo, Dorrego, Av.Santa Fe and Av.Córdoba, during decades were reserved almost exclusively to residences of middle class families and shops of repair of cars. But after the arrival to the neighborhood, at the beginning of the current century, of producers and television channels with their respective producers, he/she received the name that has at the moment. Together with the landing of the first artistic companies it also began to be gestated a new phenomenon, the gastronomic one.

Few years before, in a neighboring area, of the other side of the Av.Juan B. Justo, that was gestated that today calls himself Palermo Soho, defined by the Avenues Scalabrini Ortiz, Córdoba, Juan B.Justo and Santa Fe. The name that mentions to the neighborhood of the Soho of the cities of New York and London, was given by its orientation to the design and the fashion, although they are not few the restaurants of the area.

Las Cañitas: at the beginning of the decade of 1990, on the street Báez and the near streets, in the neighborhood of Palermo, a series of restaurants appeared, places that materialized a strong gastronomic pole that still subsists. The fact of being in an area residential neighbor to the fields of pole of Palermo gives him an additional attractiveness. The recent one redraws of the sidewalks and roadways carried out by the Government of the City of Buenos Aires it facilitated the circulation a lot for the area.

Puerto Madero: the old docks of the port of Buenos Aires, created in the decade of 1930 following the English pattern, they could leave the abandonment and of the forgetfulness to become a strong residential and gastronomic center. The real estate developers took advantage of the wide spaces, the interesting architecture pre–existent, the central location and the sought-after view housings and interesting restaurants that it is worthwhile to visit to settle down.

Recoleta: it is the first one and the oldest in the gastronomic poles of Buenos Aires. The neighborhood met its glory during the decade of 1970, and although its culinary physiognomy has varied and competitors have arisen him, institutions like The Biela bar still stay, very frequented by tourists of all the nationalities.

San Telmo: it is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, and in their moment it was also the most aristocratic. Coarse to travel their streets to enjoy the old splendor of their constructions. Everything changed in 1871 with the epidemic of yellow fever that put in flight to the most suitable families that moved more to the north of the City. But after several decades of I am forgotten, San Telmo recovered good part of its old splendor. Here they are the refinement and the bohemian that Palermo lost, next to that decadent bouquet that makes it attractive to the eyes of the European tourists. The neighborhood is reviving a real estate boom and the restaurants are not unaware to that event. At the moment there are about 150 restaurants, several of them more than interesting and that well it is worthwhile a visit.