Buenos Aires concerts: A tribute to Gustavo Cerati 2015

A tribute to Gustavo Cerati in the Planetarium of Buenos Aires From the 17 at June 21, 2015 it will be carried out the eighth edition of Emergent City: the music encounter, stand-up, cinema, chats, magazines, comics, dance, fashion and other forms of young expression that every year meets in the Cultural Center Recoleta.

Besides the photographic sample "Fan" of Nora Lezano, one of the main attractions of this edition will be the tribute to Gustavo Cerati that will be carried out on Sunday of the closing event in the Planetarium. A homage where, accompanied by a series of singers, their last band (Richard Coleman, Leandro Fresco, Fernando Nalé, Gonzalo Córdoba and Martin Carrizo) part of its repertoire will go through.

“They won't be the themes of Soda Stereo"-Coleman clarified -. We will play the topics of Gus of the last two tours, Gustavo's part soloist. We will play the topics like we played them with him. We won't adapt them, as much as possible, and it will have a series of invited artists that you/they will sing the songs."

The list includes, until the moment, Fernando's voices Ruiz Díaz (Catupecu Machu), Walas (Massacre), Leo García, Miranda, Benito Cerati and Band of Tourists. Everything seems to indicate that several artists will be added and there will be some surprises.