Sexy, alive and supremely confident, this beautiful city gets under your skin. Like Europe with a melancholic twist, Buenos Aires is unforgettable... Images of Buenos Aires
Argentina’s famous dance is possibly the country’s greatest contribution to the outside world, a steamy strut that’s been described as "making love in the vertical position".
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The Buenos Aires style
It’s an astonishing metropolis that looks a bit like Europe, but with an edgy Latin American twist. Porteńos (the city’s residents) are passionate, opinionated and – once you get past their hard-city facade – very friendly. Tourist will love walking among them along the busy avenues, taking in the street life and often the craziness that goes along with it.
Rough-and-tumble La Boca, with its brightly painted metal houses, was the city’s principal port until Puerto Madero was created at the close of the 19th century. El Caminito (‘the little walkway’) is a curved pedestrian street lined with artists selling paintings and other creations. It has the air of a tourist trap, especially with the numerous souvenir shops nearby, but it’s fun nevertheless.

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The argentine Tango
Nothing captures the essence of Buenos Aires like the sensual and melancholy tango, and no visit to the city is complete without experiencing tango in some form. Watch it in a San Telmo or La Boca street fair, see a slick show at a theater or join a milonga (dance event) at dozens of venues. Tango classes are often held before milongas, so take part – or just watch, but don’t look too long at that handsome stranger across the room; a stare is an invitation to dance, and you could be breaking some hearts. The Argentina Tango world Championship 2015 will be held on August-Sep 2015. (in spanish Campeonato Mundial de Tango)