Buenos Aires to Iguazu falls bus: travel on budget

How to visit Iguazu Falls for cheap

To visit the Iguazu falls is a trip that you cannot lose. It is possible to go to Iguaz˙ Falls in bus. It is important to know that excellent buses exist in Argentina.
A website to have an idea of schedules and prices is Platform 10.
Companies like AndesMar, Via Bariloche and Crucero del Norte have some very good services, equivalent to first class of an airplane in what refers to comfort.

At the moment the best company to go in bus from Buenos Aires to Iguaz˙ is Via Bariloche, website www.viabariloche.com.ar, as other tourist comments, it is not necessary to hire a tourist package, the bus arrives to the center of Puerto Iguaz˙, from there the visitor can take a local bus that takes to the Waterfalls for very little money, the entrance to the National Park it is nearly U$S 20 dollars, and it is hallucinating, if the tourist has time, we recommend at least two days, since the visitor has several tourist circuits to make inside the Iguazu park, some that go for the means of the forest, others that are the waterfalls and another to go right worldwide to the famous "Garganta del Diablo" (Devil┤s Throat) each one of the journeys takes some hours of walk, if there is full moon exists nocturne journeys, an unforgettable experience. Then the town of Puerto Iguaz˙ is calm, there are cheap lodgings and hotels five stars, it depends on its budget for the trip.

Useful information:
Buenos Aires to iguazu bus time: nearly 18 - 20 hours (from Buenos Aires)
buenos aires to iguazu falls train: it is important to know which it doesn┤t exist a direct train to Iguazu, the best options for the tourist to get Iguazu are flights and bus.
The cheapest way to go from buenos aires to iguazu is on bus from Retiro Terminal (Buenos Aires)

A only day is not only enough to enjoy the Waterfalls of the Iguazu!
The tourist has to calculate, minimum: 1 day for the circuit Argentinean side + 1 day for the circuit Brazilian side, because they are totally different! To arrive until Iguaz˙ and not to make that, it is really a pain...
The entrance to the Iguazu National Park is valid by two days. If the tourist visits the park two consecutive days, the second day he enters free (whenever it is the following day) the only thing that the visitor has to make is to seal the ticket to the exit of the first day.

Buenos Aires to Iguazu falls