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Illuminated block - Buenos Aires photo
Buenos Aires attractions: the Illuminated Block or in spanish la Manzana de las Luces - BA downtown. Exotic and history-pregnant be the street-block, emphasizes culture-studious Porteños, read in the Manzana de Luces "Block of the lights", finds itself the oldest gotten remains the colonial Buenos Aires.
Illuminated block front

Photo: Illuminated Block front - Buenos Aires

From 1661, the Jesuits resided here,this in the age of Argentina's conquest the role of the intellectual had taken on. Their school, the Colegio San Ignacio, was round hundred years of center of the cultural one Lebens of the city. until the Jesuits 1767 of the country referred became.
Illuminated Block -picture
Illuminated Block -inside picture
Manzana de las Luces photo
Photo: interior details

In colonial times, this was the Buenos Aires ´s centre of learning and in some degree, still symbolizes the high culture in the Argentina capital.

Illuminated block photo walls
Photo: brick walls details

Beside the Jesuit-school, the church San Ignacio and a salvation-herbal-store was on this 12.000 m² between the streets Alsina, Moreno, Bolívar and Perú also the storerooms of the cloister were from the antique missions.

Illuminated block gift shop -antiques photo

Picture: Illuminated block gift shop -antiques photo Mercado
In one part of the brick-vault is located today the Mercado de las Luces , cleaned silver, Porcelain and colorful ponchos are sold. And there, where earlier the students of the Jesuit-course of lectures crammed, becomes in the actual monumental buildings of the elite-school Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires 1918 (CNBA) Bolívar 263.

Photo: old colonial tunnel entrance
The two among each other-lying remain mysterious Tunnel-nets. Aimed between 17 and 18 Century, tunnels connected church, public buildings and the Buenos Aires fort.
Illuminated block tunnel photo
Photo: Illuminated Block tunnel

Most tunnels were found at the construction the Buenos Aires Subte (metro underground) but destroyed and then their secrets never were revealed: it was about escape routes Jesuits? Any merchandise was smuggled in the tunnels or secretly soldiers transfer?
A tour inside the Illuminated Block offers insight into careful restored, small tunnel-sections.

Who want to learn more of the colonial city and sees its subterranean walks, should go to the Zanjón (Defensa 755, www.elzanjon.com.ar) Open. Sunday of 13 to 18 o'clock . for example one tour all half one Hour for 55 to 75 Pesos one hour

Trip into the past of Buenos Aires undertake.

Perú 272, BA center, Tel. 43433260,

Open: Monday to Friday at. 15 o'clock, Saturday. /Sunday.15, 16.30, 18 o'clock, entrance: 20 Pesos,
Location: Subte A: station Perú, Subte D: station Catedral, Subte E: station Bolívar