Buenos Aires Recommended bars: the Peugeot Lounge

A brand bar which became a cult area, drinks and beautiful people

Peugeot Lounge

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Photo Peugeot Lounge Bar–Buenos Aires

It is good to live the present moment of the night of Buenos Aires, there are very interesting spaces but this, a bet of marketing of a company cars with an unbeatable result stands out. The place became a cult area visited for relating of our arts, sports and companies. You try to arrive and it will be your new place.To travel the city in search of a place that offers you everything to pass a good moment, is a task that can take enough time. There is many options, but any so complete one as the Peugeot Lounge. This bar has become a great space of comfort for who has known it, as likewise in a trustworthy of desires: there is always a very good target of young public. Beautiful men and beautiful women attend unfailingly in every schedule. From the middle morning healthy delights are served. At noon it is very advisable that you take a moment and come closer to the lunch, their executive menus are very flavorful and convenient, rolls trays, of mini hamburgers, scandalously delicious, healthy and nutritious plates cram their letter bistró, there everything is good, great quality in the food.

The sound of a DJ is constant, with a good music selection. In the afternoons the friends meet in the after-office to enjoy the colorings and fresh drinks of the bar, directed by the famous barman Carlo Contini. A classic drink: Paloma, an exact combination of tequila, rosy grapefruit, mentions, sugar and soda. They are very interesting the chats that Carlo gives about his specialty, for a demanding sybarite are more than important certain tips that offers to their voluntary pupils in their famous workshops.

At nights, a constant one to parade of interesting faces, multicultural aesthetics populates the different spaces, the great sidewalk that invades the great living room that officiates of heart of the place, a high floor with intimacy and the great terrace becomes the star of the place. The nights they lapse with the best DJs. Palermo is the area, although there is another headquarters of the space armed by Peugeot in the area of Puerto Madero. That will be the reason of a next recommendation, this description it is of the paradise of pleasure of Palermo, Buenos Aires.

Peugeot Lounge. Honduras 5624. Palermo, Buenos Aires

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