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Buenos Aires points of interest, the classic Obelisk

The famous Obelisco of Buenos Aires is the city’s principal landmark. It was built in 1936. Most people zip by the Obelisco in a car or while hurrying to cross Av 9 de Julio, barely taking note of the circular Plaza de la Republica that encompasses the Obelisk. Come here after the Argentine national football teams wins a game in the World Cup and it’s a different scene, awash in blue and white with fans jumping, cheeringfor the celebration.

Even on an ordinary day the Obelisco offers a surprising respite from the chaotic pace of the city’s center.

Located in the heart of downtown, right in the middle of what is claimed to be the widest avenue in the world, the Obelisco can be a refreshing break. Besides it’s a superb spot for taking the essential photo down the middle of Av 9 de Julio.And, late in the afternoon, you might see the colorful military honor guard arrive to take down the Argentine flag.