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Pictures and photos Tango Festival Buenos Aires Argentina . The classics of the future and the best tango dancers being crowned at the World Cup.

Argentina: The 2014 edition of Tango Buenos Aires Festival & World Cup displays, with the intensity and plurality of collective constructions, the wealth of a thriving genre.
The best traditions of a glorious history are the pillars of a future that has already arrived: instrumental music premieres, new typical orchestras and ensembles, popular songs whose present-day language radiates classic beauty, and dance as heritage and experimentation are key features of this event. Musicians, choreographers, poets, milongueros, researchers, visual artists, locals and visitors gather together for a mass celebration of the fascinating, complex and multifaceted identity of an entire city.
To participate in the classes held at Usina del Arte, attendees must register 30 minutes before the class starts at the Information Desk located at the entrance of the Salón de Clases. The number of participants is limited.
No advance registration is required for the classes held at Galpón de La Boca.

This year the Festival presents a new section exclusively dedicated to dancing: the Milonga of the Port, which transforms the look of the Galpón de La Boca, formerly used as a sand
storage facility, to create a meeting point for all the dance- floor tango enthusiasts. On the southern side of the City, an area with a rich immigration and tango history, dancing draws crowds to a party offering different attractions every evening.

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Photo: Buenos Aires tango festival 2014 stage Luna Park
buenos aires tango singer adriana varela
Picture: Buenos Aires tango singer Adriana Varela

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Buenos aires tango dancers in the world cup 2014 * 3 buenos aires tangosexteto mayor
Buenos aires tango pic: Sexteto Mayor band
buenos aires tango bandoneon
Buenos aires tango:famous bandoneon instrument