Buenos Aires attractions: the Floralis Genérica operates again

Jun-2015: The metallic sculpture will begin to work at 18hrs o'clock, after six years.

The sculpture called Generic Floralis works tomorrow after six years again. The hour in that he/she will put on in operation is at 18 o'clock with a visual show and a live recital of the singers Juan Carlos Baglietto and Lito Vitale to duet.

The event, of gratuitous character, will be carried out in the Plaza de las Naciones. Also, it will be presented "Buenos Aires in Flower", a visual show on a giant screen of water.

The Floralis Genérica is a metallic structure 22 meters high and 24 tons of weight that it is located to meters of the University of Law of Buenos Aires.

The initiative was impelled by the Government of the City of Buenos Aires with the support of OCA company that carried out the patronage of this work, being taken charge of the recovery from this donated icon to the City in 2002, for the architect Eduardo Catalano.

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