Buenos Aires kitesurfing: info about BA schools, curses, equipment and more

Full report of this extreme sport in Buenos Aires

The kitesurf is one of the sports that has had bigger growth in the last decade in Argentina. Experienced people say that, although it doesn't seem, to learn kitesurf is simple and that, after the first intents, it becomes addictive. The design of the kites this advancing to enlarged steps, they are more and more safe and stable and for that reason more and more people venture to take her first steps in this sport.
In Argentina it is continued enlarging the offer of kitesurf places and schools to practice it and the only thing that one needs to fly on the water is to know how to swim, to be older than 7 years and to cheer up. We present you some spots in different points of Argentina.

Kitesrfing in Buenos Aires, Argentina

In Buenos Aires, a lot of people the practical thing in the Rio de la Plata, generally the best condition to navigate is with southeast wind. There are kitesurf schools in north area (San Isidro, Acassuso) and in south area (Quilmes). Monte Hermoso in Bahía Blanca is also a favorable beach to navigate since it has a lot of wind.
During the months of spring and summer, Chascomús summons for its system of seven lagoons (Vitel, La Adela, La Tablilla, Del Burro, Chis Chis, Barrancas and lagoon Chascomús). The lagoon of Chascomús is the more frequented by its easy access and to be the most extensive.

An ideal place is Club 7. This is located in San Isidro, specifically it is in street Gaetán Gutiérrez 1029, just behind the train of the coast (Tren de la Costa).
The club is excellent has a garden, a restaurant in front of the River, court of Jockey, skatepark, school of Kayak, windsurf school and kite school.
Super advisable, very kind people, security, parking and mainly much "nature". To take classes phone 15-3187-8555, info@buenosaireskita.com.

Wind Experience (Inside complejo Puerto Tablas)
Sebastián Elcano 854 (1642)
Acassuso - Buenos Aires - Argentina
(+54) 011-4798-6896 / 0249
(+54) 15-3251-2962

Escuela de Kitesurfing in Chascomús, Buenos Aires
Clases de bautismo
phoneT: 011 15574-7604

Costanera de Quilmes, Gran Buenos Aires
Phone: 011 1550581306

Kitesurf in the Buenos Aires Atlantic coast
In the Atlantic coast there is several the places to navigate. The most popular to learn is Punta Rasa, in San Clemente del Tuyú. It is ideal for people starting up since it is a place that works with wind of all the directions and there is low depth waters.
For the west, the estuary of the Río of the Plata and, for the east, the Atlantic ocean. The encounter of both waters form a creek, to the measure of the kite surf. Their low depth is ideal for the learning; this added to the strong winds that it generates the fork river-sea and the shortage of trees to attenuate them, made of Punta Rasa a referer place of this extreme sport.
The best time in the year to take Kitesurf classes is from September until late April, when the warm winds of the Atlantic Ocean prevail.

Pinamar is also looked for by its windy beaches and for its waves. The lagoon Los Horcones, a few minutes away from Pinamar, is another incredible spot to learn kitesurf, for their good winds and low depth. Also exists plane water, making it an ideal place to practice freestyle kitesurfing.

Buenos Aires kitesurfing