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Buenos Aires points of interest : Bar El Federal, a classic place to visit in a day tour...

BAR EL FEDERAL, Buenos Aires: Located on the corner of Perú and Carlos Calvo, in the neighborhood of San telmo, El Federal is another one of those classic places in Buenos Aires.
Indeed, El Federal Bar is one of the most picturesque places in the city of Buenos Aires. Yet, that also means that it is often full of tourists. The prices are still very reasonable, no more than any other café in town. It’s surprising that they haven’t raised the prices with all the tourists.
The Bar is the same from 1900´s and you can experience a time travel, to a antique Buenos Aires, a land fo Tango and guapos...

Photos Bar El Federal, Buenos Aires -San Telmo

buenos aires - bar el federal
photo: Bar El Federal front ,San Telmo, Buenos Aires.
bar el federal sign, buenos aires photo
pic: Bar El Federal corner, Carlos Calvo y Perú-Buenos Aires
bar el federal front desk, barman - buenos aires
photo: Bar El Federal front desk, Buenos Aires
bar el federal, tables and chairs
pic: Bar El Federal, tables and wooden chairs, Buenos Aires

So, you definitely should consider El Federal as a place for stopping.