Tango concerts: Sexteto mayor in Buenos Aires

An unique opportunity to listen this mythical formation at home.

In permanent tour for the scenarios of the world, they have the opportunity of to come closer their mystic's lashes during this month of July 2015.

Considered the best group in tango of the world, been founded by Luis Stazo and José Libertella, for initiative of this last one, in 1973, gave the great jump to the world in the beginnings of the following decade with the remembered show directed by Claudio Segovia, Argentinean Tango and later with the remembered Tango Passión. In 2001 returned with From Gardel to Piazzolla. At this time they are in our dear Buenos Aires, with the possibility of being presented the Saturdays in the traditional temple of the tango Torcuato Tasso. Juan Libertella charge of its father's legacy was taken and with the musical direction of the bandoneonista Horacio Romo, the group continued with his commitments in Europe, America and Argentina. At the present time, representatives of three generations of big soloists cohabits in the Sexteto Mayor : Fulvio Giraudo in piano;Enrique Guerra in contrabass; in violins Pablo Agri and the historical member of the group Eduardo Walzack; in bandoneón Luciano Sciarretta and Horacio Romo in bandoneón and orchestral direction. They will evoke landmarks of the different shows that catapulted them like stamp of our civic music. A brilliant opportunity to discover the sound that the world listens when these ambassadors show our dearer product, the tango.

Tango concerts in Buenos Aires, Sexteto Mayor tango