Ghost tours in Buenos Aires, A different tourism for the visitor

Urban myths and legends in the antique Buenos Aires

Most of the cities or towns of the world have a non official history in the one that ghosts, mysteries and appearances are the main characters. Urban myths and legends that, for example, they can be known in Prague, Beijing, San Francisco and in the UK. Because now, to those tours ghosts, a new destination can be added: Buenos Aires.

This way, they are several the ghost tours that offer the visitors the possibility to know the other face of the city in a series of circuits that count histories of crimes, ghosts, legends, appearances and myths that passed of generation in generation until arriving to our days.

Then, the former Biblioteca Nacional, the tower of the neighborhood of La Boca, the Salón of the Pasos Perdidos of the Congress of the Nation, the called Casa de los Leones in the Neighborhood of Barracas and the Church Santa Felicitas, is some of the places to know. Each one with a history chilling in the one that a series of unfortunate facts and appearances intermingle to give him that mystery touch that the tourists look for in this type of circuits.

Journeys that have a duration of approximately three hours in those that the visitors will be able to know the histories more chilling of Buenos Aires. A resource to which appeal most of the cities of the world to attract the travelers to those that it moves them the illness to discover that unknown world.

Next we detail where they can be hired, a brief description of the journeys and history of some of the most outstanding bewitched places at historical level.
Inside the unlosable historical walk, for the bewitched houses, they stand out:
ghost tours buenos aires - torre del fantasma
Photo: La Torre del Fantasma - La Boca, Buenos Aires

In the neighborhood of La Boca, it is the castle that was never it, and it is known as "The Tower of the Ghost" - La Torre del Fantasma - (streets Almirante Brown among Wenceslao Villafañe and Benito Pérez Galdós), although in fact what was seen was goblins. The tower seems exit of a chess board and the building in yes it is built in a trapezoidal way. The history of this building begins in 1910 when its powerful estanciera resided María Luisa Auvert Aurnaud. As their parents and grandparents lived for a lot of time in Catalonia, Spain, in the border pirineos with France, the lady furnished and it decorated their stay with objects of that Iberian area, in all the balconies it put exotic plants of Catalonia that sent to bring especially for their new home. Among the plants some characteristic mushrooms of Spain called Mushrooms appeared, some species are eatable and others are hallucinogenic. It is believed that the visions of goblins and other beings, accompanied by the voices and screams that said to listen were consequence that the landlords used this mushrooms without knowing how to differentiate them very well, in the foods. That doesn't explain some details as the pictures where they said to see goblins and the screams that were listened from the streets.

In the neighborhood of Barracas, it is The Iglesia de Santa Felicitas (Street Isabel the Catholic at the 520), one of the most tragic histories of love in the Argentinean history hides: the one de the youth Felicitas Guerrero of Álzaga, in their moment known as "the most beautiful woman in the Argentine republic". Just by 15 years, you Felicitas Guerrero married Martin of Álzaga, an old man, the which soon after he dies inheriting him all their wealth to you Felicitas, who again was sought, this time for two men. Finally, when one of both won the heart of Felicitas, the one that was rejected could not support it. he asked to speak with her, they began to discuss and in a moment it took out arms and it shot Felicitas twice... who died after a short agony. It was January 30, 1872. The youth's family built the church in honor to the youth. According to the legend, January 30, at night, the spectrum of Felicitas appears between the grills of the church and she cries. When the building was restored for the first time, the architect noticed that all the angels had rattan the right wing, the side where Felicitas received the two shots.

En Barracas, near there, it is also "The House of the Lions" [street Montes of Goose at the 140] that was property of Eustachian Díaz Vélez who had a strange fascination with the lions. To the point that raised them inside their mansion. The animals walked loose for the enormous garden. One day, while they celebrated the commitment of Díaz's daughter Vélez and their boyfriend, one of the lions attacked and it killed the pretender. The girl could not support it and she took off the life. Sunk in the sadness, Díaz Vélez decided to come undone of all the lions, but it asked them to carve his heads in stone on the arcades of the doors of the mansion. They affirm that the even youth's ghosts still stroll for the mansion and for the garden, where they remain like tests of the tragedy the remains eaten away by the time, of the cages of the lions...

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