Buenos aires pizzerias, where to eat

The local pizza: uniquely Argentine in taste and appearance

Tourists from the United States (and to a lesser extent Europe) will be surprised at the style of pizza in Buenos Aires. Unlike that found in New York, Argentine pizza is typically thick and reminiscent of the Sicilian style. However, since the early immigrants brought pizza over from Italy, Buenos Aires’ pizzas have evolved, becoming uniquely Argentine in taste and appearance. Where cheese is concerned, the “less is more” mantra doesn’t apply here - these pizzas are seriously gooey. Green olives and red peppers are common toppings reminiscent of European roots, but others, like hearts of palm, require an open mind and adventurous palate. As for sauce options, pizza purists will find it hard to swap the tomato passata in favor of salsa golf, a popular spread here similar to thousand island salad dressing in the United States.
Almost all pizzerias in Buenos Aires serve empanadas too, as do most cafés, almacenes, pasta shops, rotisseries, kiosks, and markets. Empanadas may be popular in other South American countries, but here they are a beloved and non-negotiable staple of the Argentine diet. These hand-folded savory pastries originated in the northwestern part of the country in cities like Salta and Tucumán. Empanadas are either fried or baked and typically filled with meat, egg, onion and sometimes potatoes (especially in the northwest of the country).
The best pizzerias in Buenos Aires: Pizzeria Las Cuartetas at Corrientes Av., pizzeria Roma, ans pizza from El Fortin at LIniers neighborhood. The perfect empanada has a flaky crust; to sample some of the best baked chicken empanadas head to Pizzeria Guerrín . This Buenos Aires institution is over 80 years old and serves some the most delicious traditional Argentine pizza in the city. For fried beef empanadas and thinner-crust pizza, pizza a la piedra, head across the street to Los Inmortales (Corrientes Avenue). And those craving authentic Neapolitan pizza with a thin crust mottled with mozzarella should make a beeline to barrio Palermo to Siamo Nel Forno

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