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Buenos Aires Top bar and Disco: Asia De Cuba, exclusive place in Puerto Madero

Good cuisine and cute people in the VIP Buenos Aires

Asia of Cuba is one of the more TOP places of the city of Buenos Aires, located in a central area and of easy access for the visitor, Puerto Madero.
The place is non alone disco but rather it is also a modern restaurant that it opens doors to the public the whole week. Their distribution is basic, two bars, a central hint and to the sides the part of the restaurant and the VIP. It also counts sector of external restaurant for smokers in front of the dike 4, in Puerto Madero neighborhood.

Its public is exclusive, so the entrance is strict and expensive. Exclusively older than 18 yo but with a predominance of more than 25 years old. The public is local with a strong injection of European tourism.
Asia de Cuba spreads to the electronic music mixed with some Latin topics and pop hits. The drink is expensive but to the moment to compare the price quality the scale it is equipped.

We can say that it is an excellent place to enjoy a good kitchen and of the best level, but for a weekend going out Asia of Cuba is the most expensive option for the visitor.
buenos aires top bars and disco ASIA DE CUBA
photo: Asia de Cuba resto, Buenos Aires
buenos aires asia de cuba photo
photo: Asia de Cuba interior, Buenos Aires

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