Buenos Aires Bars : a small suggested list for the tourist

Unlosable bars in Buenos Aires: a small list to visit

Unlosable bars in Buenos Aires: a small list to visit in your trip to this city:

Sheldon Bar
A place to steps of the square Serrano, amid the movement palermera, but that it conserves in their interior a tempting oasis to spend summer nights.
Honduras 4969. Buenos Aires. Tel: 4832-6195. Wednesday to Sundays of 10 to 2:00 am

Dadá Bistró
Good swigs, good music, good attention, pretty people that always waits for us. I believe that one cannot request more than a place where one wants to pass a pleasing moment and making friends.
San Martin 941. Buenos Aires

Los Laureles - Historical Bar
To cross the portal in the corner of Barracas neighborhood to the southeast is to enter to all the bars that populated the Buenos Aires suburb, it is to find a temple of the tango and an unforgettable experience.
Los Laureles. Iriarte 2290. Buenos Aires

El Federal - Bar Notable
A classic of the Buenos Aires bars. El Federalbar is on party and it shares it with all. Competitions, photographic samples and the simple pleasure to know that it is and that it can visit one another in any moment.
Peru and Carlos Calvo. Buenos Aires

Los Galgos - Bar Notable
Old bar that it survives in the time. With counters of formic and their two guardian greyhounds repainted in the window from the decade of the thirty, it offers tranquility and the best coffee in Buenos Aires.

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