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Saturday March 5, 2016
21:00. Gillespi and their band ascend to the scenario
of Bebop Club to present their music
and it leaves of their material "Desayuno en
Ganímedes", music made with Daniel
Melero. More musicians invited. Gillespi in
trumpet, flugelhorn, EWI, synthesizers and
electric guitar. Álvaro Torres in piano and
synthesizers. Rafa Franceschelli in under,
electric guitar, loops and programmings.
Sebastian Peycere, drum set. With their current band
Bebop Club. Moreno 364. Buenos Aires
Tel: 4331-3409. www.bebopclub.com.ar

Saturday March 12, 2016
21:00. Woody´n jazz.
Three of the best musicians
of jazz local they present "Woody´n
Jazz", a show whose central axis is the repertoire
of the unforgettable movies of the
great genius of the humor, Woody Allen. From Manhattan to Blue
Jasmine, the inexhaustible list of classic of the one
jazz that the trio travels in the show includes
works of George Gershwin, Duke Ellington,
Irving Berlin, Cole Porter and Benny Goodman,
among others.
Bebop Club. Moreno 364.
Tel: 4331-3409. www.bebopclub.com.ar

Sunday March 13
20:30. Boris Big Band in Boris Club, presents its jazz show
every Sunday and they consummate this way a historical fact
in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.
The Boris Big Band travels with its repertoire
the stylistic history of the big ones
Big jazz Bands, embracing the repertoire
traditional of the years 30s and 40s and arriving
until the present time of the gender. A Big Band conformed for
the best musicians and improvisadores of
Argentina. The band will carry out, a
Crooner Night. Invited special: Barbie
Martínez. The BBB is presented every Sunday
of the year starting from 21:00 .
Boris Club. Gorriti 5568; Buenos Aires. Tel: 4777-0012.

Tuesday March 8, 2016
21:30. Coty Club. March 8, go to the Coty Club. Fabio Alberti waits you with their Boluda Total show in Boris Club.
Dinner, swigs, humor and for all the women, an incredible show of invisible strippers.
For the first time in Boris, Fabio Alberti presents a new show of its celebrated Boluda Total. To celebrate with laugh.
Gorriti 5568. Buenos Aires Tel: 4777-0012.

Monday March 14, 2016
20:30. Tributo to Nat King Cole.
With Juan
Nevani Trio. In the figure of Nat King Cole
they converge the singer of refined technique,
the virtuous pianist and the showman of great
charisma that captured public of all the world.
The young trio headed by Juan
Nevani revives the charm of those classics
of the Nat King Cole Trio with personal style
and their original arrangements. The show
it includes a homage to Natalie Cole, recently
deceased, with invited singers.
With Juan Nevani (piano and voice); Juan
Bayón (contrabass) and Martin Oviedo (guitar).
Notorious. Callao 966. Tel: 4813-6888.

Wednesday March 16, 2016
21. Swing Timers.
Today in day is not common
to find groups that interpret
this style to the way of the combos of
Benny Goodman. However, in Buenos Aires, a band exists for 60 years
of Argentineans that recreate him with fidelity
and they are The Swing Timers.
Bebop Club.
Moreno 364. Tel: 4331-3409.

Friday March 18 and 26, 2016
21. Inés Estevez and Javier Malosetti.
Two artists of diverse extractions disembark
in the jazz and their subgéneros, honoring
the standards, with incursions in
other rhythms like the samba, the music
French and some reissue of the 80 and
90 remastered. They are presented in the classic
jazz format; this is, the two soloists
more rhythmic section (piano/bass /
drums.) Inés Estévez's voice and the own
Malosetti in guitar, bass and voices. Possibly them
they have invited musicians
to complete this boarding to the swing, to
the penetrating softness of the classics, and to
the force and the irresistible groove of a sound
current, with the unmistakable stamp of
one of the singularest musicians of Argentina.
Boris. Gorriti 5568.
Tel: 4777-0012.

Tuesday March 22, 2016 ---- FREE --
20:30. Jazzología.

Tomoko Ohno and Ricardo
Lew in "Astor Piazzolla and the jazz". The
great Japanese pianist visits again
the Argentina. Integral during years
of the Dizzy Gillespie Alumni All Stars, this
time she will give a concert in duet with the recognized
guitarist Ricardo Lew, where you
it will recognize good part of the repertoire of
Astor Piazzolla and their correspondence with the Jazz. "Libertango",
"The umbrellas of Buenos Aires"
they will be some of the approached compositions.
They won't lack, also, standards of the Jazz Music.
Sala Enrique Muiño; Centro Cultural San Martín.
Sarmiento 1551. FREE.

Tuesday March 29, 2016 ----- FREE --
20:30. Fernanda Lanza.

After its
attractiveness first album the singer submerges
in a new standards repertoire
of jazz classics. As the big ones
interpreters, it is looking for their own voice
in the one on the way to the interpretation. And as
it is the jazz, the music of the search and the improvisation,
it cares more the road that the
arrival, that is what is shown. Fernanda
Lanza, in their premiere in the cycle, will be presented
accompanied by big musicians of the local scene.
Sala Enrique Muiño; Centro Cultural San Martín.
Sarmiento 1551; Buenos Aires. FREE.

Wednesday March 30, 2016
21:30. Julio Cortázar + Charlie Parker = El perseguidor.

With the Quartet of Néstor
Astarita. The scenario of Notorious Club returns
the show used for the first time in the Salón of Libro of Paris
and other cities of France
and Spain for the quartet of Néstor Astarita.
This homage to Julio Cortázar faces
their intimate relationship with the jazz. Different
sequences of their wonderful stories
in Luis Garibotti´s voice is intertwined
with topics of Parker, Davis, Monk
and Gillespie. Poetries are also rescued
Buenos Aires for their tangos with music of
Edgardo Castrón. With Bernardo Monk
(saxo and flute traversa); Pablo Tozzi (contrabass,
guitar, arrangements and voice); Alejandro
Kalinoski (piano) and Néstor Astarita
(drums). invited Artist: Carola.

Thursday March, 31 2016
21:30. Cuban Jazz Proyect.

The conjunction
magic of big Cuban musicians of
the size of Hubert García, Eduardo Suárez,
Cristian Cecardi and Choco in percussion,
they have made possible east unique trip for
the whole history of the jazz in Cuba, with interpretations
masterful and companies of
luxury. These members of Clave Cubana, the
more famous band of Cuban music in
the Argentina, they join for this project
that it dazzles and it surprises. Eduardo Suárez
in bass, Hubert García in piano, Cristian
Cecardi in congas and Choco in drum set
and kettledrum. Invited musicians.
Boris. Gorriti 5568, Buenos AIres. Tel: 4777-0012.

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