Buenos Aires Jazz events April 2016

Explore the Buenos Aires jazz events !! April 2016

Tuesday 5
• 20:30. Checha Naab & The Mortons. This
trio, Lucas Ferrari in piano, Fernando Montardit
in guitar and banjo and Checha Naab in
voice. The three, roused by the decades
more early of the Jazz and their origins,
they traveled to New Orleans, they shared scenario
with the most grateful musicians
of the scene of the traditional Jazz of North America.
Jazzología is a cycle that every Tuesday is presented in the Cultural Center
San Martin. Room Enrique Muiño. Sarmiento
1551. Gratuitous entrance.

• 20:30. The Swingsters Big Band is one
compound orchestra of Jazz for musicians
professionals. To the style of the big Big
Bands (Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Frank
Sinatra, Her Fitzgerald, Dizzy Gillespie,
Benny Goodman). At the moment the band
with three disks in their to have, he/she is
in the production of one new based
in works and arrangements of Argentinean Musicians of Jazz
of the contemporaneidad. Jazzología
it is a cycle that every Tuesday you
it presents in the Cultural Center San Martin.
Sala Enrique Muiño. Sarmiento 1551. Entrance

Sunday 17
• 20. Boris Big Band. The only Big Band
stable and characteristic of a club of Jazz in the
Argentina. Richard Nant, Juan Cruz Of Urquiza,
Sergio Wagner, Juan Canosa, Joaquín
De Francisco, Daniel Kovacich, Victor
Skorupski, Gustavo Musso, Damián Fogiel,
Martin Pantyrer, Alejandro Demogli, Cirilo
Fernández, Mariano Sívori, Ezequiel Piazza.
All under the direction of Daniel Camelo.
Boris. Gorriti 5568. Tel:4777-0012.

Tuesday 19
• 20:30. Sergio Poli Ensamble. It is a band
of coalition that combines elements of
Jazz, Rock, Reggae, Flamenco, Celtic music
and Rio Plata. It includes original topics, as well as of Dave Weckl, Pat Metheny, Frank
Zappa, Jaco Pastorius and Charlie García, among
others. Jazzología is a cycle that all
on Tuesdays it is presented in the Cultural Center
San Martin. Sala Enrique Muiño. Sarmiento
1551. Gratuitous entrance.

Thursday 21
• 21:30. Jorge Anders Jazz Orchestra Pays
Tribute to Duke Ellington. Based on the tradition
of the bands of Duke Ellington, the one
Teacher recreates the characteristic jive of
these formations. Jorge Anders debuted
precociously in Buenos Aires and then you
it transferred New York where, in little time,
he/she settled in the mainstream with their quartet.
With a score of published disks
among United States and the Argentina, Jorge
Anders arrives with its I warp to the scenario of
Notorious. Callao 966. Tel: 4813-6888.

Friday 22
• 21:30. Kind of Blue of Thousands Davis. A sextet
of distinguished musicians of the scene
of the local jazz he/she meets to surrender tribute to
Miles Davis, through the complete execution
of the album Kind of Blue. With Carlos
Álvarez (contrabass); Miguel Marengo (piano);
Fernando Martínez (drum set); Carlos
Michelini (high saxo); Juan Manuel Alfaro
(saxo tenor) and Sebastian Greshchk (trumpet).
Notorious. Callao 966. Tel: 4813-6888.

Tuesday 26
• 20:30. Hot Jazz Band. Band that stands out
for their exquisite variety of sonorities
and traditional instruments. The repertoire
it includes topics of Louis Armstrong,
Duke Ellington, King Oliver, Jelly Roll Morton
and other big ones. Jazzología is a cycle
that every Tuesday it is presented in the one
I center Cultural San Martin. Sala Enrique
Muiño. Sarmiento 1551. Gratuitous entrance.
• 21:30. Louis Armstrong for Americo Bellotto
and Ángel Sucheras. A homage to
who many point out as the creator
of the Jazz just as we know it. The great one
trumpet player, composer and singer Louis
Armstrong was the inflection point in the
history of the gender, contributing as composer
more than fifty considered titles
standards of all the times. With
Americo Bellotto (trumpet) and Angel Sucheras
(piano and voice). Notorious. Callao 966.
Tel: 4813-6888.

Wednesday 27
• 21:30. Aires of Astor Piazzolla and Miles Davis.
An evocation of two geniuses of the music.
Two of the biggest composers
of the gathered music popular contemporary
in a sense homage devised for
the historical baterista Néstor Astarita. With
Nicola Bernardelli in trumpet and flugelhorn;
Alejandro Kalinoski in piano; Pablo
Tozzi in contrabass and Néstor Astarita in drum set.
Notorious. Callao 966. Tel: 4813-6888.

Thursday 28
• 21. Trio Rufino-Epumer - Judurcha. The trio
formed by the bear Machi Rufino, the guitarist
Lito Epumer and the baterista Cristian
Judurcha, music of Jazz-rock approaches, faced
from the perspective of instrumentalists
formed in the Rock and fascinated
for the Jazz. Circe. Av. Córdoba 4335.

Friday 29
• 21:30. Good Company is a vocal sextet
of inclination jazzera that also intrudes
in rhythms like the Pop music and the Rock.
The group begins in 2006, when Martin
Lang summons to a group of friends with the
intention of making “good music in good
company”. it is integrated for: Mariana
Luce (soprano), Majo Agote (mezzo), Ezequiel
Salas (I lower), Mono Cecchi (tenor), Conejo
Loitegui (tenor) and Tony Harvey (tenor).
In the band: Martin Lang (piano), Mariano
Chouhy (bass), Hernán Bruno (drum set) and
Andy Hayes (saxo). In this last year you
it incorporated to the grouping Tommy Mayer -
Wolf, in the adjustor tasks and director
musical. Boris. Gorriti 5568. Tel: 4777-0012.

Saturday 30
• 21:30. Inés Estévez & Javier Malosetti.
Celebrating the international Day of the Jazz.
Two artists of diverse extractions disembark
in the Jazz and their subgéneros,
honoring the standards, with incursions
in other rhythms like the Samba, the music
French and some reissue of the 80 and
90 reversionadas. They are presented in the classic
format of Jazz; this is, the two soloists
plus the rhythmic section (piano, contrabass and
drum set.) Inés's voice Estévez and the own one
Malosetti in guitar, under and voices. Possibly
they have invited musicians
to complete this boarding to the Swing, to the
the classics' penetrating softness, and to the
it forces and the irresistible groove of a sound
current, with the unmistakable stamp of one
of the singularest musicians and virtuosos
of our country. Boris. Gorriti 5568.
Tel: 4777-0012.

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