Buenos Aires gay tango: a new trend in the capital of Tango

Tango gay-friendly in Buenos Aires

A trip to Buenos Aires just isn’t complete without a little taste of tango. The expression of the dance "tanguero" is not only heterosexual, the milongas gay has won land in the predilection of the community of dancers of the same sex. Every day is it more frequent to find milongas (or tango dance party) and academies of tango gay-friendly. The tango, born in the slums of Buenos Aires, very common era that was danced among men, since at the end of the XIX century it was not very seen that a lady frequents the tango milongas. Today Buenos Aires like city capital of the tango, it is the first one in Latinamerica in having milongas gay friendly.
Here we present them some of them:

The best tango gay place and only men:
Milonga Gay La Marshall
Milonga Gay Viernes time: 23.30 to 3.30 Hs. Classes Lessons 22.30 hs En El Beso
RioBamba 416 Balvanera Buenos Aires - phone 4953-2794

Tango Queer
Tuesday 20.30 Hs. Located at downtown, 5 blocks from Cabildo building
Tango Queer Perú 571, Buenos Aires. Phone: 153-252-6894

Listening BA tango in local radio: And if you just want to listen to tango, tune in to City Radio 2x4 (FM 92.7), a local station devoted to the city's favorite music and dance.
The World Tango Festival and World Cup is held annually in mid-August at a range of venues in the city. As well as the hotly-contested international competition, it offers free shows, classes and milongas to everyone from beginners to experienced dancers.

Tango gay-friendly in Buenos Aires